Sushi at Maruya

What's it like eating at a Michelin star restaurant? Especially a Japanese Omakase one? We treated ourselves with the new Reserve app to the Maruya omakase menu. They refill your hot tea every time with a fresh new cup of steaming hot tea instead of just bringing a teapot to the table and refilling your old … Continue reading Sushi at Maruya


Yosemite Long Weekend

It was a long weekend, so we decided to explore the great outdoors. It's about a 3-hour drive to Yosemite National Park, so we stayed in a cute little motel/lodge in Coulterville which is right outside of the park. It's been a rainy/snowy season this year, thanks to El Nino, so there's been snow in … Continue reading Yosemite Long Weekend

Point Reyes

A couple of weekends ago, we decided to get some nature. Every time we do a city escape, we have to book and rent a car, so despite the weather, we have to commit regardless. The day turned out to be rainy and foggy, but we set off for Point Reyes Lighthouse anyway. The lighthouse is … Continue reading Point Reyes

Coastal Weekend

Last weekend, we decided to get out of the city. We drove down to Santa Cruz Friday night and went to the Boardwalk. Saturday, we were supposed to go whale watching but they cancelled due to high winds, so we drove down to Point Lobos State Park instead. We hiked out to Sea Lion Point … Continue reading Coastal Weekend

Lobster Boil & Sea Urchins

We had a lobster boil on Sunday. I found this amazing live seafood market, Sun Fat Seafood Market, in the Mission where they had tons of fresh fish, seafood, and lobster. We went and picked out a two-pounder. (I named him Tony on the way home.) We also got a live sea urchin, some Manila … Continue reading Lobster Boil & Sea Urchins

Full Moon Paddle

Friday night was a blue moon, so Saturday night, we went on a Full Moon Paddle where we kayaked around the Sausalito bay to see the sunset and moonrise. We started out around the marina, by the docks, visited some harbor seals, and into the houseboats community. There's a whole neighborhood of houseboats just docked … Continue reading Full Moon Paddle

Bento Me Now

One of the perks of living in SF is that there are so many new startup apps being created all the time, and of course my favorites are the ones that DELIVER DELICIOUS FOOD RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. I love to eat, and sometimes I'm lazy, but I still win. Recently, I discovered Bento - an app … Continue reading Bento Me Now