B is for Boy

My junior high boys have been so good lately, which has been pleasantly surprising. *knock on wood* Then again, it's probably because I sent my bad kids away to the other classes. See, there's a system of classes which are broken down into A, B1, B2, and C class. The A kids have the best … Continue reading B is for Boy



I remember when I first took a Spanish class in middle school, my classmates were horrible to the teacher. They were obnoxious and rude, and they just seemed to treat the class much more differently than math class or science class. Maybe it was because they realized that they probably wouldn't use Spanish much in … Continue reading Heathens


My horrendous middle schoolers have suddenly turned into angels overnight. Something must be in the air. Ok, maybe not angels, but the worst behaving kid has now turned into the one of the top students in the class. Everyone else has also fallen in line. Something is definitely in the air. Or maybe it's just … Continue reading Go-Karts

Heart Attack-Worthy

I got so furious today with my seventh graders. My second class is the worst of them all. They're all rowdy and talkative and don't seem to care to learn one bit. They talk and talk and talk all through class, and I've long given up on yelling at them especially after the first few … Continue reading Heart Attack-Worthy

I’m No Look

Also better known as "I can't see." My seventh grade boys drive me up the wall. They are immature, perverted, misbehaving little hooligans who really don't care how bad their English is. Well, that's my second class (minus a few). My first class are naughty as well but they seem to genuinely want to learn, … Continue reading I’m No Look

My First Interview

I recently did an interview for John Bardos over at You Can Teach English. My interview can be read HERE. It's chock-full of information about teaching English in Taiwan, and I hope it helps for those of you who are thinking about doing it!

A Daily Dose of MJ

Yesterday, in my first grade class, we were learning about different kinds of soil. One of the workbook questions asked the students to draw something that they would see in soil. Typical answers would have been ants, worms, rocks, dead plant or animal matter, etc. Sky drew a stick figure in his soil, and when … Continue reading A Daily Dose of MJ