During the summer, I've been teaching a few high school kids who are home on vacation from Canada. They need extra English help, so they're taking morning classes with me and another teacher to work on reading comprehension, writing, speaking, etc. On Tuesdays, we get to take them on field trips because the new Neihu-Muzha … Continue reading Pandas!


Vandy Folks

Alfred and Julie came to visit Taiwan, and we got to hang out! Too bad they were only here for a short week, or else we would have done more fun things. It was Alfred's first time in Taipei, so of course we had to show them the good eats. First, we went to eat … Continue reading Vandy Folks

Home Sweet Home

We are officially moved into our new apartment, and after some cleaning, it is sparkling and beautiful. We also have cable and fast internet, so all we need is a TV.. Once we get a little bit more furniture, I'll take some pictures and share them with you. We also just discovered an adorable little … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

One Week Already

I can't believe it's already been one week today since we've been here today.I have a cell phone. A pink Nokia, how fitting.The past two days have been filled with job interviews. I had one at David's English School yesterday, where I had to fill out an application take a grammar test first. Is it … Continue reading One Week Already

There is Hope

It’s way too hot here… there’s no air conditioning here at my aunt’s place, in fact not much anywhere, so we can only sleep with fans on in 90 degree weather. I’m also way too dark-skinned for them here. My cousin, who’s 17, is currently in modeling high school where she learns to put on … Continue reading There is Hope

Night Is Now Officially Day

Here, I am always perpetually eating. Imagine three official and big-portioned meals and some sort of snack in between. And I’m not talking about half a bag of chips for snacks, but more like a mini-meal. It’s a good thing that I’m always perpetually sweating; have to keep off the weight somehow, right? We woke … Continue reading Night Is Now Officially Day


I am here. Jennifer and I are here. We are finally here in Taipei.After a four-hour flight to Los Angeles, five-hour wait in the LAX airport, and a 13-hour flight to Taipei, I am sitting here at my uncle’s place with the fans blowing. With our massive tons of luggage, which we've paid a total … Continue reading Finally