Reading is FUN

My wonderful boyfriend got me an Amazon Kindle for my birthday, and it's the most amazing thing ever. He even got me the beautiful leather cover to go with it. The Kindle is amazing. I can read anytime, anywhere, without having to haul heavy books around or pay ridiculous sums to obtain them abroad. I also don't … Continue reading Reading is FUN


Week in Pictures

After the past two weeks of constant rain, this was a rare time when the sun finally came out accompanied by some nice fluffy clouds.Waiting in my empty classroom for classes to start.Riding on the back of Michael's cool orange scooter.Trying to find a spot in the scooter parking lot at the Guang Hua Digital … Continue reading Week in Pictures

Productive Day

Things Accomplished TodayTaught one class of second-graders.Bought a heater. Now we won't freeze to death in our own home.Bought 3 books:The Portrait of a Lady by Henry JamesJonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna ClarkeA Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers by Xiaolu Guo(No, it's not a real dictionary. It's a fiction book written in Engrish … Continue reading Productive Day

I am a Princess!

Because we missed last Friday due to the four-day weekend we got for New Year's, we have to make it up today. So instead of Saturday classes, today is another Friday. And Friday's are my longest days. It's rather depressing. But today is also test day, and I love test days because they're quiet and … Continue reading I am a Princess!

Short Weekends

Saturday: I worked for two hours instead of four because my tutoring got canceled. I went and got a hair cut and relaxed in a salon chair about about two hours. Then shopping at Xinmending, which is the teen capital of Taipei, and where there always will be lots of good shopping. We had dinner … Continue reading Short Weekends

Mmm.. America

I went to Costco today for the first time ever, not just in Taiwan. Walking down the aisles and seeing the Fruit Roll-ups and the Apple Jacks was like a kid in the candy store. I was in consumerism heaven full of giant boxes of cereal, penne pasta, and Prego sauce that will last me … Continue reading Mmm.. America

And LeeHom Is Mine Forever

We have a new pet!LeeHom the TurtleHe is a Red-eared Slider Turtle and named after Lee-Hom Wang, an Asian superstar. How we obtained him is a long story.Yesterday was National Double Ten Day, so instead of doing celebratory patriotic stuff, we decided to go to Danshui for the day. There was unbelievable traffic, but we … Continue reading And LeeHom Is Mine Forever