Safari West

Did you know that there are zebras, giraffes, and rhinos in wine country? Yes, in Sonoma by Santa Rosa, there is a 400-acre private wildlife preserve called Safari West, where there are all of those animals and more. You can even spend the night there in a tent just like on a real safari. We … Continue reading Safari West


Lazy Bear Dinner Party

We did the tasting menu at Lazy Bear, which is a two Michelin Stars situation. You buy tickets for your reservation ahead of time, which seats 40 people at every seating. There are two seatings a night, one at 6pm and one 8:30pm. When you show up, they escort you up to the top loft … Continue reading Lazy Bear Dinner Party

Omakase at Robin

We went to the second night opening of Robin in Hayes Valley. Reservations are required, and if you sit at the bar, it's omakase only with price ranges from $79-$179, and you let the chef know what you want. If you sit at the tables, then there are a la carte options available. We had … Continue reading Omakase at Robin

Hot Pot Rankings in SF

I'm doing you a favor and ranking all the hot pot places I've been to in the city. You're welcome. I've lumped in all the shabu places with the hot pot places, because at the end of the day, it's you cooking stuff in a big pot of broth. (And if you don't know - … Continue reading Hot Pot Rankings in SF

Sushi at Maruya

What's it like eating at a Michelin star restaurant? Especially a Japanese Omakase one? We treated ourselves with the new Reserve app to the Maruya omakase menu. They refill your hot tea every time with a fresh new cup of steaming hot tea instead of just bringing a teapot to the table and refilling your old … Continue reading Sushi at Maruya

Full Moon Paddle

Friday night was a blue moon, so Saturday night, we went on a Full Moon Paddle where we kayaked around the Sausalito bay to see the sunset and moonrise. We started out around the marina, by the docks, visited some harbor seals, and into the houseboats community. There's a whole neighborhood of houseboats just docked … Continue reading Full Moon Paddle

Bento Me Now

One of the perks of living in SF is that there are so many new startup apps being created all the time, and of course my favorites are the ones that DELIVER DELICIOUS FOOD RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. I love to eat, and sometimes I'm lazy, but I still win. Recently, I discovered Bento - an app … Continue reading Bento Me Now