Typhoon Morakot

Typhoon Morakot wreaked havoc on southern Taiwan last weekend. Up north, we just got some strong winds and a bit of rain. We didn't realize that after the three-day weekend, the South took the brunt of it, and the floods took out entire villages causing billions of NT dollars in damages and resulting in many … Continue reading Typhoon Morakot


20 Years

Because I'm on this side of the world, I feel that it's only appropriate to at least make an acknowledgment of the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square. It shocks me that college students in China now have no idea what happened 20 years ago due to censorship.I've never really followed Taiwanese politics while in the … Continue reading 20 Years

Rain Rain Go Away

After a week of b-e-a-utiful weather, the rain clouds came rolling in today, on the day we decided to go to the beach. So instead, we slept in, went in search of breakfast around noon, and went to the LIBRARY. After ten months of being in Taipei, I've finally ventured into the Taipei Public Library … Continue reading Rain Rain Go Away

The Making of History

We celebrated Inauguration Day at the Brass Monkey, which also happened to be $1NT ($0.03 US) beer night from 9-10pm. The pub was full, we met some new people, and we got to see Obama on the big screen. We also probably found our new local watering hole.Happy Obama Day!


I was waiting for the bus, headed to work, when Jud sent me the text telling that Obama had won. I was wriggling with such excitement that I could barely contain myself. I looked up and half expected everyone to be jumping up and down, celebrating too. But I was alone, amidst a crowd of … Continue reading Historic

Politics and BBQ

We went to the Miniature Art Museum yesterday. On the bus ride there, we see a huge parade, blocking off half of the city, of people carrying banners, flags, and giant protest signs.The flags say, "Yes! Taiwan, No! China" With my super observation skills, I deducted it was a big protest against using products from … Continue reading Politics and BBQ