La gente está muy loca

As fate would have it, there was a bank holiday while I was in London so I booked a last-minute ticket to Spain for the three-day weekend. I majored in Spanish in college. I love the culture (both European and Latin American) and the language, and I've NEVER been to a Spanish-speaking country. Have you ever wanted … Continue reading La gente está muy loca


Girls Make the World Go Round

I spent the weekend making new girl friends. Don't act so surprised. I'm fully capable of making girl friends too. It's just harder here with the language barriers and the cultural differences. And most of the English teachers here are males, if you haven't noticed.Friday night, I met up with fellow blogger, Serena. She was … Continue reading Girls Make the World Go Round

Dragon Boat Festival Weekend

Four day weekends are the way to live. What's wrong with having a three-day work week? I bet lots of people would be down with that. Despite the fact that we have to make up Friday's day off this Saturday. Wednesday Night: Watched Terminator Salvation. Action was great, Christian Bale was manly, not enough plot. … Continue reading Dragon Boat Festival Weekend

Poker Face

I went and played in a poker tournament tonight. I did so well that I got 18th place! (Out of 20 people, but that's a minor detail.)My boss started this poker thing. They set up tournaments at this bar, Tone 56, and you can play for free. The goal is to rack up points to … Continue reading Poker Face

Birthdays and BBQ

This weekend was a bit ridiculous. It was birthday-party-night on Friday, so Jen, Miller, and Neal had their birthday shindig at A Bar, which was pretty chill considering it was all-you-can-drink for $500NT. The bar was downstairs, and then upstairs was a lounge place with Karaoke and darts.These are the boys we hang out with … Continue reading Birthdays and BBQ

Dry Air and Alcohol

I finally have a dehumidifier! The amount of water it takes out of my room is ridiculously large. Where was all of that water before? And the constant sound of the water dripping makes me have to pee. But now, I hope that it will control the mold growing on my walls, and already my … Continue reading Dry Air and Alcohol

Beer and More Beer

Last night, we went to the Taiwan Beer Factory Bar, which is a warehouse in the back of the factory filled with picnic tables and a stage. There was food options and freshly made Taiwan beer. I definitely am digging the just-brewed beer. It's a crisper and cleaner taste. That bar closed at midnight, so … Continue reading Beer and More Beer