I moved to San Fran at the end of July, but I've actually been in the city only a total of 12 days so far. During my second week in New York on a Wednesday, I was told I was flying to London on Friday instead of flying back to SF. Surprise! London! That's in … Continue reading London


Family Visit, Week One

My parents and brother finally made a visit back to Taiwan to come see me. They haven't been back in nine years, and to them, Taipei has changed so much. We've been eating a lot this past week with me taking them out for the good places I know and with our scores of relatives … Continue reading Family Visit, Week One

Illnesses Galore

I get sick about every two weeks here in Taiwan. I've probably been to a doctor more times in the past year than in my entire life in the States. My biggest moments were probably the ten-day hospital stay due to a bacteria infection and getting H1N1 aka swine flu, which I caught from my … Continue reading Illnesses Galore

Flu Schmoo

I'm sick with flu-like symptoms. Is it the piggy flu? I don't know. What I do know is that it makes me want to stay in bed all day, which is exactly what I have been doing. I've had many students miss class with H1N1, but we've been taking precautions about it. Anytime a kid … Continue reading Flu Schmoo

Outside World

I'm home!I was discharged yesterday around noon. I paid my bill (which was $7000NT/$210USD for a 10-day hospital stay is not too shabby), got my meds, and bounced. I hauled all of my stuff into a cab, went home, took a nice long hot shower, shaved, threw some non-sweats clothes on, and went to work. … Continue reading Outside World

Day 8

The doctor came by and said that the antibiotics have greatly reduced the amount of bacteria in me, but it's not entirely gone so that means that I still have to be on antibiotics for few more days. I thought I was going to be able to get out today. He said that we'll do … Continue reading Day 8

Day 6

My life now revolves around cranberry juice, naps, saline solution, water, the bathroom, and bok choy. They serve it with every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is lunch: rice, veggies, soup, dessert soup, and fruit.I've learned that taking showers is a luxury. Being able to do it with two hands will be even more … Continue reading Day 6