I moved to San Fran at the end of July, but I've actually been in the city only a total of 12 days so far. During my second week in New York on a Wednesday, I was told I was flying to London on Friday instead of flying back to SF. Surprise! London! That's in … Continue reading London



Job Listing: Island Caretaker of beautiful Queensland, Australia for six months (from July 2009 to January 2010); duties mostly consist of exploring the island and blogging about it; accommodations, transportation, and lucrative salary included.God, how I would love to do this.

Winner Winner.. Chicken Dinner?

It's about 45-50 minutes of a bus ride, about 40 minutes to walk to the subway, take the subway, then hop on a bus, to get to my job from where I'm staying now. I think we found a place that probably would not make a difference in the commute time. But that's the price … Continue reading Winner Winner.. Chicken Dinner?


Today I experienced my first taste of blatant discrimination. I certainly talked about it enough, but it actually happened to me.I called a school today asking about a position. “Hi, my name is Tina, and I’m responding to your ad online about the part time morning position.”A nice lady answered, “Oh, yes yes. Are you … Continue reading Hopeless

I Think I’ve Died..

I have found my slice of heaven here in Taipei. It's called SOGO shopping mall and has everything from Hermès to Christian Dior to Shu Uemura to Kate Spade. It's like Sephora, Green Hills Mall, and 5th Avenue all compacted in two separate buildings with about ten floors each and they're all filled with pretty … Continue reading I Think I’ve Died..

One Week Already

I can't believe it's already been one week today since we've been here today.I have a cell phone. A pink Nokia, how fitting.The past two days have been filled with job interviews. I had one at David's English School yesterday, where I had to fill out an application take a grammar test first. Is it … Continue reading One Week Already

There is Hope

It’s way too hot here… there’s no air conditioning here at my aunt’s place, in fact not much anywhere, so we can only sleep with fans on in 90 degree weather. I’m also way too dark-skinned for them here. My cousin, who’s 17, is currently in modeling high school where she learns to put on … Continue reading There is Hope