The Kevin and Zhou Were Here

The illustrious Kevin and Zhou, who are on a ten-month trip around the world (read their blog HERE), came to Taipei to see me for a week. They got here on Tuesday, and we just dropped them off at the airport a few hours ago. Luckily for me, my usual 7-9pm classes were canceled for … Continue reading The Kevin and Zhou Were Here



I know I have been MIA for awhile, and I apologize. Things have been so hectic recently!1) I found a new studio apartment, so we are in the process of packing, moving my belongings there, and trying to get rid of a lot of stuff from this place.2) Jen is going to Vietnam tomorrow for … Continue reading Moving!

I Hate Birds

and HATE is such a strong word.I am up at 6:30 in the morning, partly because we're going on a trip to a wooden cabin for the weekend, and mostly because some neighbor owns birds which start chirping EVERY MORNING at 6:30AM.So, question for you:Does anyone own a BBgun? How do you soundproof a window?

Home Sweet Home

We are officially moved into our new apartment, and after some cleaning, it is sparkling and beautiful. We also have cable and fast internet, so all we need is a TV.. Once we get a little bit more furniture, I'll take some pictures and share them with you. We also just discovered an adorable little … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

Two Weeks

We have an apartment! It's about halfway between Jen's and my work. It's also across the street from a Carrefour and a block away from the Living Mall, which has a movie theater too. Prime location, indeed. We’re paying $18000NT a month, not counting utilities, which translates to $575USD a month so that equals about … Continue reading Two Weeks

Winner Winner.. Chicken Dinner?

It's about 45-50 minutes of a bus ride, about 40 minutes to walk to the subway, take the subway, then hop on a bus, to get to my job from where I'm staying now. I think we found a place that probably would not make a difference in the commute time. But that's the price … Continue reading Winner Winner.. Chicken Dinner?


Today I experienced my first taste of blatant discrimination. I certainly talked about it enough, but it actually happened to me.I called a school today asking about a position. “Hi, my name is Tina, and I’m responding to your ad online about the part time morning position.”A nice lady answered, “Oh, yes yes. Are you … Continue reading Hopeless