Easter Love

Letters, candy, and toys from my high school girlfriends I ♥ the Snap Miss you girls so much!


Year of the Tiger

First off, Happy Belated Chinese New Year's/Valentine's Day. I get two weeks off for the holidays: last week and this week. The boyfriend got ten days off last week too, but we were kept busy due to an unfortunate event so there were other things on our minds besides enjoying the break. I'm surprised that … Continue reading Year of the Tiger

Fourth of July Weekend

Unfortunately, there weren't any BBQ or fireworks here in Taipei, so this weekend was spent just like any other. Although I do miss me some hot dogs, grilled burgers, cole slaw, and big backyards with sprinklers and the smell of fresh grass. I spent Saturday working for three hours in the morning, then sitting in … Continue reading Fourth of July Weekend

Dragon Boat Festival Weekend

Four day weekends are the way to live. What's wrong with having a three-day work week? I bet lots of people would be down with that. Despite the fact that we have to make up Friday's day off this Saturday. Wednesday Night: Watched Terminator Salvation. Action was great, Christian Bale was manly, not enough plot. … Continue reading Dragon Boat Festival Weekend

To Parents

Happy Mother's Day!Sometimes mothers can drive you crazy, but in the end, they're still your mother. I miss mine a lot, especially when I was sick. I remember, one night at the hospital after the fourth and fifth day and the doctors couldn't give me a straight answer about what was wrong with me, they … Continue reading To Parents

April Fools!

Sorry readers, I did not mean to scare you. It was just a harmless prank. Forgive me? :)I tried pranking my kids today with a lame pop quiz, but they got me back by saying that they put grasshoppers in my bag. I got really freaked out and threatened to take away all of their … Continue reading April Fools!

Happy? Valentine’s Day

First time in awhile, I won't have a valentine this year. My aunt sent me a really nice care package filled with candy and cute cards which I shared with my 2nd graders. I also made them write a poem to someone, but they didn't seem to enjoy that as much.In Taiwan, they have three … Continue reading Happy? Valentine’s Day