Bento Me Now

One of the perks of living in SF is that there are so many new startup apps being created all the time, and of course my favorites are the ones that DELIVER DELICIOUS FOOD RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. I love to eat, and sometimes I'm lazy, but I still win. Recently, I discovered Bento - an app … Continue reading Bento Me Now


Giveaway #2

I'm feeling particularly generous today. How about another giveaway? Leave a comment by next Wed., June 9, anywhere on this blog, and I'll mail the winner a big package of Hi-Chews. (They're only the best candy ever.) [EDIT] The winner was Paul! These yummies are coming your way soon!

Week in Pictures

After the past two weeks of constant rain, this was a rare time when the sun finally came out accompanied by some nice fluffy clouds.Waiting in my empty classroom for classes to start.Riding on the back of Michael's cool orange scooter.Trying to find a spot in the scooter parking lot at the Guang Hua Digital … Continue reading Week in Pictures


Fruit on a tropical island is to die for. Mangoes, guavas, lychees, cherry plums (or what I like to call plerries), peaches, pineapples, watermelons.. oh goodness.And they make them all into Hi-Chew flavors too. If you have not experienced a Hi-Chew, I suggest you go buy one now at the closest Asian supermarket you can … Continue reading GIVEAWAY