Thai Massage and A Wedding

I enjoy busy weekends. Although it does mean that they end faster, and Monday will be here tomorrow. Anyways, I got a Thai massage and went to a wedding on Saturday. I highly do not recommend getting Thai massages if you're looking for a relaxing, spa-like massage where you can drift off to sleep as … Continue reading Thai Massage and A Wedding


B is for Boy

My junior high boys have been so good lately, which has been pleasantly surprising. *knock on wood* Then again, it's probably because I sent my bad kids away to the other classes. See, there's a system of classes which are broken down into A, B1, B2, and C class. The A kids have the best … Continue reading B is for Boy


Fun Fact: The movie theaters here serve sweet and salty popcorn. They usually just give you the sweet popcorn by default when you ask for popcorn because that's what the Taiwanese prefer. In the beginning, I refused to get the sweet because I thought it was the sweet kettle corn which I'm not a fan … Continue reading Popcorn


Fun Fact: You don't ever have to tip here in Taiwan. Sometimes there's a 10% service charge added to restaurant bills, but that's only when you go to a nice, sit-down place to eat. The rest of the time, there's no tipping necessary for anything: taxis, salon services, eating out, etc. I think hotel services … Continue reading Tipping

Ice Skating

As you can see, I went ice skating today at the Taipei Ice Arena with the boy and some friends. And as you can see, we had a great time even though we had to wear silly helmets and gloves because they are required unless you sign a waiver. But the whole process of getting … Continue reading Ice Skating

Eating Etiquette

Fun Fact: In the mall food courts here, you do NOT have to clean up after yourself. You can leave your trays on the table, and there are people who will come and bus your table. It's pretty awesome and quite laziness-inducing. There is also no sense of personal boundaries when it comes to eating. … Continue reading Eating Etiquette

Love Is In The Air

Teaching my junior high class is really great for my ego. Seriously, how could you not feel good when you have boys (read: plural with an S) professing their love for you on a daily basis. In the middle of asking a question such as "What two parts does every sentence have?", I get answers … Continue reading Love Is In The Air