Tough Mudder 2014

My body feels like it got hit by a cement truck. Twice. The truck backed up and made sure that it got the other side too. I did a Tough Mudder in Tahoe this past weekend. 10+ miles, 20+ obstacles, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears whining (only after Mile 9, ok maybe mile … Continue reading Tough Mudder 2014


MoH Speech

As someone who's going to be a bridesmaid in her 6th wedding next year, I would just like to share how accurate this is, and also you know, just in case you need a template.

Rainy Weekend

The bay area has been in a drought this season, but we finally got some much-needed rain recently. Alas, it does make for a rainy weekend. A weekend in means feeling ok with laying around in bed all day, having taco night with wine and Cards Against Humanity, finally getting around to scrubbing the kitchen … Continue reading Rainy Weekend

Vandy Girls Forever

When you move to a different city every year, it's really hard to make new friends, especially if you're not in school anymore. And if you actually do make new friends, it's even harder to be really good friends and stay in touch once you leave again. I'm really lucky to have a group of … Continue reading Vandy Girls Forever

End of an Era

I arrived in Taipei two years ago on August 8th. I will be returning to Nashville on August 8th. It will be officially two years to the day since my adventures in Taiwan began. (Did I mean to buy the tickets like that? You got me.) What will I do when I get back to Nashville? … Continue reading End of an Era

Ice Skating

As you can see, I went ice skating today at the Taipei Ice Arena with the boy and some friends. And as you can see, we had a great time even though we had to wear silly helmets and gloves because they are required unless you sign a waiver. But the whole process of getting … Continue reading Ice Skating