Labor Day Weekend

My brother visited me (and brought me the rest of my stuff) for Labor Day Weekend. We spent most of the time eating at good places and biking around the city. We rented bikes for $36 apiece a day. (Side note: I went again the next weekend with a female co-worker, rented from the same company … Continue reading Labor Day Weekend



So I'm officially back in Nashville. And it's eerie how this city is exactly the same. Nothing's changed. You can't even tell that a devastating flood happened just a few months ago. I'm living with my parents again for the time being, and it's like going back in time. My parents moved right after I … Continue reading Nashville

End of an Era

I arrived in Taipei two years ago on August 8th. I will be returning to Nashville on August 8th. It will be officially two years to the day since my adventures in Taiwan began. (Did I mean to buy the tickets like that? You got me.) What will I do when I get back to Nashville? … Continue reading End of an Era

Family Visit, Week Two

The family has gone back to the states. It was a hectic two weeks crammed with visits and meals with friends and relatives that my parents haven't seen in at least ten years. I took three days off work the second week so I could spend some quality time with them. We traveled to Ilan, … Continue reading Family Visit, Week Two

Family Visit, Week One

My parents and brother finally made a visit back to Taiwan to come see me. They haven't been back in nine years, and to them, Taipei has changed so much. We've been eating a lot this past week with me taking them out for the good places I know and with our scores of relatives … Continue reading Family Visit, Week One

We Are Family

One of the main reasons why I made this 10-day trip back to the States was to attend one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Two of my dear friends got married, and then they're taking a 10-month trip around the world to visit 32 countries. If that's not a honeymoon, then … Continue reading We Are Family

TW -> HK -> LA -> DFW -> Nashville

Four connecting flights and 27 hours later, I'm back in Nashville. My mom picked me up at the airport. She looked so tiny standing at the exit. My parents moved last December, so it was a bit strange driving home. I had no idea where we were going. The new house is big and lovely … Continue reading TW -> HK -> LA -> DFW -> Nashville