La gente está muy loca

As fate would have it, there was a bank holiday while I was in London so I booked a last-minute ticket to Spain for the three-day weekend. I majored in Spanish in college. I love the culture (both European and Latin American) and the language, and I've NEVER been to a Spanish-speaking country. Have you ever wanted … Continue reading La gente está muy loca



I may have bought about $200 worth of jerseys last night. It could be because I really shouldn't wield credit cards while surfing the internet late at night. Or it could be because I have been caught in this Jeremy Lin craze. But as an Asian-American, it's kind of hard not to with the LINsation … Continue reading Linsanity

Looking Forward To…

Watching movies/tv without Chinese subtitles (It's really hard not to read them. So distracting.) Having access to a kitchen (especially an OVEN!) Central air-conditioning EVERYWHERE No humidity Getting to drive again! ROAD TRIPS Taco Bell, Fat Mo's, Papa John's, Mexican food, real HOT DOGS Buying a variety of soda that's not triple the price Getting … Continue reading Looking Forward To…

Family Visit, Week Two

The family has gone back to the states. It was a hectic two weeks crammed with visits and meals with friends and relatives that my parents haven't seen in at least ten years. I took three days off work the second week so I could spend some quality time with them. We traveled to Ilan, … Continue reading Family Visit, Week Two

Thai Massage and A Wedding

I enjoy busy weekends. Although it does mean that they end faster, and Monday will be here tomorrow. Anyways, I got a Thai massage and went to a wedding on Saturday. I highly do not recommend getting Thai massages if you're looking for a relaxing, spa-like massage where you can drift off to sleep as … Continue reading Thai Massage and A Wedding

Illnesses Galore

I get sick about every two weeks here in Taiwan. I've probably been to a doctor more times in the past year than in my entire life in the States. My biggest moments were probably the ten-day hospital stay due to a bacteria infection and getting H1N1 aka swine flu, which I caught from my … Continue reading Illnesses Galore

Year of the Tiger

First off, Happy Belated Chinese New Year's/Valentine's Day. I get two weeks off for the holidays: last week and this week. The boyfriend got ten days off last week too, but we were kept busy due to an unfortunate event so there were other things on our minds besides enjoying the break. I'm surprised that … Continue reading Year of the Tiger