New Hair

I got a hair cut. I was tired of looking like a high school student. Or rather, I was tired of people's jaws dropping when I told them I was 24. I mean, I'm all for looking younger, but 16-18 is a bit ridiculous, don't you think? So voilà! Do I look my age now?


Digital Perm

I got a digital perm last weekend because I got tired of my straight straight hair which I've worn for years. Usually when I get tired of my hair, I usually just cut it short, but this time I decided to do something really different. I kind of made an impulse decision to get a … Continue reading Digital Perm

Beauty, Unquestionably, is Pain

First in the news, I got my ears pierced. Again. A coworker of mine wanted a buddy so I made the spontaneous decision, "Sure, why not?". And so we went during our lunch break to this cute little shop in an alley by school. It was only $100NT ($3USD), earrings included, and very sanitary and … Continue reading Beauty, Unquestionably, is Pain