2018 is here!

I’m getting married in a little more than a month!

Time has flown by. We had a nice little holiday break off from work, and Matt’s sisters came for a visit. We were able to tire out 17-year-old teenagers with a packed three-day itinerary. And in consequence, we tired ourselves out, so we spent the rest of the break, eating and watching a lot of TV/movies. It was most-needed and wonderful.

Wedding planning has also officially kicked into high gear. Overall, planning this wedding hasn’t been that stressful. Although, as a seasoned project manager, I have many many excel trackers, each with multiple tabs and colored rows, and lots of different kinds of lists.

No really, it hasn’t been that stressful.

But I am starting to have wedding-related stress dreams. A couple of weeks ago, I dreamt that nothing was ready or delivered on wedding day. Last night, I dream that I was supposed to marry a guy through an arranged marriage, and then the day before, he decided that I was really a fraud and decided not to show up to the wedding that I had spent months planning.


I’m really excited for my bachelorette party next weekend!

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