Lazy Bear Dinner Party

We did the tasting menu at Lazy Bear, which is a two Michelin Stars situation. You buy tickets for your reservation ahead of time, which seats 40 people at every seating. There are two seatings a night, one at 6pm and one 8:30pm.

When you show up, they escort you up to the top loft where some people are seated, some people are standing, and like a dinner party, they serve you punch bowl drinks and “finger foods”. Except these are super fancy and thoughtful finger foods.

After the appetizers are served, they escort you back down to the long seated dinner tables. If you get the best seat in the house, which is at the very end right next to kitchen, then you get an awesome view of the live action. They also invite you to come up closer to talk to the chefs and watch them plate the courses.


Then dinner is served. They start with this soft and yeasty dinner roll served with this cultured butter, where they’ve reused the probiotics for a year now, that the butter changes flavor every time and is almost like a yogurty-butter. SO GOOD.

The highlights:

  • The broth they poured over that egg yolk dish. It was stewed with guinea hen bones and was so rich and flavorful. The yolk didn’t burst and was runny, but more of a fudge-like consistency. I want all of my eggs to be served this way now.
  • I don’t even like lamb, but I could’ve eaten a whole rack of that lamb.
  • I love stuffed squash blossoms.
  • I also love soft-shell crab.
  • All of the herbs, flowers, and fruits were at their ripest peak and was a burst of nature with every bite.

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