Omakase at Robin

We went to the second night opening of Robin in Hayes Valley. Reservations are required, and if you sit at the bar, it’s omakase only with price ranges from $79-$179, and you let the chef know what you want. If you sit at the tables, then there are a la carte options available.

We had the honor of Chef Adam Tortosa (where he also chef’d at Akiko’s which is another one of my favorite sushi restaurants in SF) being our sushi chef, and before the start of the meal, he asked us what we like (uni!), fatty or lean fish, any allergies, anything we didn’t like (mackerel), so the entire omakase is catered to exactly your tastes. Obviously, ours was pretty uni-heavy with three different kinds of uni.

After eating sushi in lots of different cities and countries, there were still some firsts for me last night:

  • uni from Chile
  • pairing king salmon with tomato and basil, which made it bright and summery and super tasty
  • Foie snow (I was this close to licking the plate clean.)
  • seared basil bud on salmon

Without further ado, here is what we ate.

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