72 hours in Portland

Last week, Matt went to a bachelor party/wedding in Tennessee. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it, so instead I flew to Portland for a quick trip with a friend for the weekend.

Portland is.. Green.


Japanese Garden in Washington Park

Our trip consisted of

  • a couple of breweries – Fat Head’s & Deschutes
  • visited Powell Bookstore (which is like a giant Barnes and Noble)
  • stood in line at 10:30pm to get a late night snack at Luc Lac, which was tasty but the service wasn’t anything to cheer about
  • visited the Japanese Garden & the Chinese Garden, which were both really well done
  • stood in line again (in the rain this time) for Voodoo Doughnuts, and it was totally worth it
  • ate at Little Bird Bistro, where I had the best foie gras ever
  • saw the entire city skyline at Portland City Grill, where you can seat yourself at the bar on the 30th floor

Seared Foie Gras at Little Bird Bistro

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