Sushi at Maruya

What’s it like eating at a Michelin star restaurant? Especially a Japanese Omakase one?

We treated ourselves with the new Reserve app to the Maruya omakase menu.


They refill your hot tea every time with a fresh new cup of steaming hot tea instead of just bringing a teapot to the table and refilling your old cup.

They pour exactly the amount of soy sauce that you need, when you need, for the sashimi course. (It’s a light pour.)


They top one of the dishes with gold flakes.

They give you a little finger napkin so you can clean the two fingers that you use to eat your nigiri.

The last two nigiri courses were melt-in-your-mouth toro belly and hokkaido uni. We got lucky because usually the Maruya menu only has the California uni, but they ran out and replaced it with the sweetest, creamiest uni from Japan.


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