Full Moon Paddle

Friday night was a blue moon, so Saturday night, we went on a Full Moon Paddle where we kayaked around the Sausalito bay to see the sunset and moonrise.


We started out around the marina, by the docks, visited some harbor seals, and into the houseboats community. There’s a whole neighborhood of houseboats just docked on the bay that have plumbing, electricity, the works. Some of them were converted ships, some of them were a bit dilapidated, and some were quite fancy with multiple floors and french doors.


Sorry it's blurry. Hard to take pics on a kayak.

Sorry it’s blurry. Hard to take pics on a kayak.

When it got dark, the moon rising was unbelievable as it came out of the clouds all big and yellow. The wind was pretty intense though so our guides kept us close to the marina and the shore, so we could maintain some control of our kayaks. We hung out in the cove for a bit and watched the moon, and then were back on shore by 10pm.

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