Bento Me Now

One of the perks of living in SF is that there are so many new startup apps being created all the time, and of course my favorites are the ones that DELIVER DELICIOUS FOOD RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. I love to eat, and sometimes I’m lazy, but I still win.

Recently, I discovered Bento – an app that delivers bentos to your door. My coworkers and I decided to try it last Friday since it was taking us forever to decide where to go for lunch. We ordered via the app, and the food was here in less than 10 minutes. You just have to pick it up curbside – which by the way, since our office is next the Four Seasons, we totally saw Lebron James come out and board the bus for practice when we went to meet the Bento driver. Was it fate?

We all got the Hawaiian Salmon Poke Bento, which came with four sides.

hawaiian salmon poke

hawaiian salmon poke_lunch_6-5-2015

Hawaiian Salmon Poke with inari rice, tamarind egg, spicy tuna roll, kale salad

The fish was super fresh, and everything was flavored really well. It was also surprisingly really filling, especially since it’s all so light and healthy.

You know how guys sometimes can eat the same thing every day forever and never get sick of it? My boyfriend would probably eat ramen 4 nights a week if I let him.

I’m the opposite. I’m always craving different things, so today during lunch, I couldn’t decide what to eat. I wanted something healthy like a salad, but I didn’t have much time to go too far since I had meetings back-to-back pretty much all through lunchtime.

So Bento it was again. The Seared Salmon Tataki looked amazing, and the sides were totally different so that it wasn’t like getting the same meal again.seared salmon tataki

seared salmon tataki_lunch_6-8-2015

Seared Salmon Tataki, with california roll, cole slaw, fruit salad, and japanese potato salad

The fruit salad was my favorite – it had dragonfruit, mango, papaya, and a lychee! (Total Taiwan flashback.) Not just chock full of melons and cantaloupe, because I seriously hate cantaloupe.

Bento delivers both lunch and dinner, and for dinner, you get to pick 4 out of their 6 options for sides. I currently live a bit outside of their delivery range, so I can’t wait for them to expand their zone so I can try dinner.

If you use my discount code, BLENDOFBOTH, you can get a Bento for $5 off. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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