Roka Akor

SF has Restaurant Week twice in a year – January 15-31 and June 1-15. Another point to SF.

I got to experience Roka Akor, which is usually $$$$ but with the Dine About Town menu, it made for a great deal and meal. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

butterfish tataki

Butterfish Tataki with White Asparagus and Yuzu

Soft and buttery with a crunchy surprise in the middle.

prime beef

Prime Beef Filet with Chili Ginger Sauce

Juicy, tender, and perfectly seasoned, I could eat this all day. Every day.

berry pavlova

Yuzu and Fresh Berry Pavlova

Can’t go wrong with fresh berries, especially if you find something similar to a giant macaroon underneath all of that. I love macaroons.

I would totally go back on a regular night and try everything else on their menu. And that’s exactly why you participate in Restaurant Week.

Roka Akor
801 Montgomery St.

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