Gaku Yakitori

So this happened.

Then we ate it.

Raw Octopus

We saw the episode of Bizarre Foods where Andrew Zimmern does the Bay Area. One of the places was an izakaya place in San Jose where he tries raw octopus (TAKOWASA). My Asian self seriously loves to eat all things cephalopod-y, so we just had to drive the hour south to try it ourselves. I’m all for eating raw octopus as long as it can’t fight back.

Izakaya is the Japanese version of bar food and beer. When you get off work and go to happy hour for a beer, you want fried salty finger foods to go with – fries, tots, wings, chicken tenders, you get the idea. Except izakayas usually serve more exotic meats on a stick, and there are more seafood options. Japan is an island after all.

We had chicken hearts, livers, and gizzards, oh my.  No worries though, this stuff was cooked – skewered and basted in sauces and grilled to perfection. The liver was probably my favorite, all savory and melts-in-your-mouth. We did have tamer stuff like pork belly, wings, and fried squid. I was so looking forward to beef tongue though, which I haven’t had since my trip to Japan, but they were out. Oh well, the search continues.

My iPhone didn’t take particularly appetizing pictures in the darkened restaurant, so I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Or you could just go and branch out a little past your usual wings. (See what I did there?)

5152 Moorpark Ave, Ste 40
San Jose, CA

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