3AM Delirium = Reboot

It’s been awhile, I know.  But can you believe that it’s already been a year since I’ve moved to SF?

This time a year ago, I was moving my stuff cross-country to a city I’ve never even visited, only to just barely touch down before I was sent on a month-long trip to NY and London for training for my new job.

Now, an entire year later, I’m flying back to the UK for another trip.

It’s currently 3:36AM PST, but I’m currently pre-treating my future jet lag by working 12-5am PST this week so when I fly to the UK next week for work, I’ll be ready to go! (There are really other more important reasons as to why I’m working 12-5am PST, as I really don’t recommend trying to adjust to the time zone of your destination city before you actually get there.)

My circadian rhythm is very confused. I sleep til 1pm. Coffee at 8pm. Sentences start losing verbs around 4AM.

Anyways, this month is a flurry of trying to find a new place to live by Sept. 1 (eek!), a week-long trip to Europe, and figuring out how to tackle SF: Year 2, which will include blogging more. I promise promise promise.

SF: Year 1 Summary coming soon too.

(Although you might have to remind me since I probably won’t remember any of this happened tomorrow.)

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