Throwback Hawaii: Wiliwilinui Swing

One of the most memorable things we did in Hawaii was making swings and tying them up in random places. The inspiration was from the original swing on Mt. Tantalus, which was taken down shortly after we visited it, and a plain board put up months later.My friends decided to put up our own swings in some of our favorite places on the island. This one we tied up on the Wiliwilinui Ridge hike in Hawaii Kai. It’s not a hard hike, but you do have to put some effort into it, and the reward at the top is completely worth it. There’s a really good descriptive blog post about the hike here:


But this is the story behind the swing.

And if you do look under the swing, there would be a map with X marking the spots of the other swings around the island that we put up. Unfortunately, according to the most recent Yelp posts, it seems like this swing is no longer there. We do know that the first swing at Diamond Head beach was taken shortly after we put it up, but there is one more on the North Shore, which I’m hoping is still there. At the very least, I hope our swing is decorating someone’s living room mantle at the moment, even though we had meant to share this little piece of ourselves with all those who ventured down the same path.

13 thoughts on “Throwback Hawaii: Wiliwilinui Swing

  1. Ahhh!!! Even worse is that I don’t get the treasure map!!! i was the one that realized that the swing was not at Wiliwilinui. That was the main reason I picked that hike that day. Can I have a hint about the North Shore one? =)

    • Hi Paula! I’m sorry you missed the swing, it was pretty awesome. The one on the North Shore is where you can swim the fishes!

      • I’m still pretty new to Oahu and the only place I can think of is Shark’s Cove, but the closest hike I know of, is the Ehukai bunker hike… Can you email me more clues if you don’t want to spoil it for anyone else? Now I really want to swing!! =)

  2. We really liked your swing! It was one of those cool little treasures one comes across now and then, the mark of another person left for others to enjoy. My husband saw it on his trip to HI in the second week of sept 2012 but it was not there on dec 27,2012. We missed it and commented that it was too bad someone felt the need to have it all to themselves. Anyway, thank you and Aloha!

  3. I was just at the swing by sharks its there I was trying to find out where others are? I live here so you can email me a list an I can check to see what’s still up.

    • There used to be one by Diamond Head beach, but that one is long gone. There also used to be one on the Wiliwilinui Hike, but I think that one got taken too unfortunately. 😦

  4. I would LOVE to find these swings or see if they are still swaying in the breeze. Since the original one with the map is missing is it possible for you to recreate the map here, or tell us how many there are total and give clues to where we could locate them?

    • Hi Jackie! There were three originally – one at Diamond Head Beach which got taken down, and then the one at Wiliwilinui Hike was also taken. There’s one left up at the North Shore where the fishes swim close to where three can sit and have a meal.

      Good luck!

  5. There is a new one at Wiliwilinui. We saw one there a couple weeks ago and it mentioned a tree journey that started at the Tantalus swing. Love these swings and the idea of finding them all. What a treasure to come across. 🙂

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