Vandy Girls Forever

When you move to a different city every year, it’s really hard to make new friends, especially if you’re not in school anymore. And if you actually do make new friends, it’s even harder to be really good friends and stay in touch once you leave again.

I’m really lucky to have a group of girlfriends that will visit me no matter what city/country/continent I’m in. My college roommates from Vandy, after one very short year of living together, are one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

They visited me while I was living in Taiwan (making pit stops during honeymoons and family vacations!), and this past weekend, they flew to San Francisco for another amazing reunion. We spent the entire weekend catching up, eating, exploring SF, eating, sleepovers, eating, biking, oh and did I mention eating?

Let me tell (and show) you how much four tiny Asian girls can eat.

Friday night –

  • Dinner at Akiko’s – amazing sushi
  • Muka, a dessert lounge – pitcher of sangria and four desserts
Saturday – 
  • Japanese Sweets – pre-breakfast snack
  • Farmer’s Market – brunch
  • Polk St. Festival – street food
  • Mooncakes – snack
  • Dinner at Limon – peruvian food, amazing chicken and ceviche
  • Bi-Rite Ice Cream – dessert
Sunday – 
  • City View Dim Sum – brunch
  • Sweetheart Cafe (before bike ride) – bubble tea
  • Sweetheart Cafe (after bike ride) – bubble tea, popcorn chicken, mango shaved ice
  • Mission Chinese Food – dinner
  • Tres Leches birthday cake – dessert

Moving to a different city is always terrifying and daunting as much as it is exhilarating and adventurous, but to have a sense of familiarity and stability among all the change and newness is really comforting. Seeing these beautiful faces in my new city makes SF feel a bit more like home.

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