Labor Day Weekend

My brother visited me (and brought me the rest of my stuff) for Labor Day Weekend. We spent most of the time eating at good places and biking around the city.

We rented bikes for $36 apiece a day. (Side note: I went again the next weekend with a female co-worker, rented from the same company and for the same amount of time, and was only charged $14 each. Just girls definitely has its perks.)

But I digress. We biked from the Ferry building along the northern coast to the Golden Gate Bridge (which was covered in fog so we could barely see it!), over the bridge and into Sausalito, where it was really 10 degrees warmer. It was about an 8-mile bike ride with lots of stops to catch the scenery and to walk the bikes up the hills.

In Sausalito, we saw a boy catch a stingray by the side of the road and ate yummy burgers at the Napa Valley Burger Co., then we took a ferry back into San Francisco to return the bikes.

It’s always nice to hang out with the little brother, especially now that he’s a working man and picks up the check now!

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