I moved to San Fran at the end of July, but I’ve actually been in the city only a total of 12 days so far. During my second week in New York on a Wednesday, I was told I was flying to London on Friday instead of flying back to SF. Surprise!

London! That’s in Europe, you know.
All expenses paid! It was for work.
Two weeks! Yes, most of it would be spent working, but I still get two weekends.

London was everything I imagined it to be. Double decker buses. European buildings. Small roads. And oh, the British accents.

The weather was fabulous the weekend I arrived. It was sunny and warm, and not at all the gloomy and rainy London I was expecting. And the British people were all perfectly nice and helpful, re: the below.

(Seriously though, if it weren’t for these signs, I probably would’ve been hit by one of those double decker buses driven by a guy with a British accent on those small roads full of European buildings within the first hour.)

It also happened to be my cousin’s last week in London, since he’d been studying English there for the past year, so I had a friend in the city to show me all the touristy sites and how Londoners party. I met his friends, and they were all Asians with British accents.. how cool is that?!

Unfortunately, I got really sick during that first week, most likely from all the partying travelling, jet-lag, wonky sleep schedules, and just being in a foreign land. I had to go to the emergency room, was told the wait was 3 hours because it’s NHS (National Health Service which is free for UK residents), actually waited the 3 hours until 3 in the morning, saw a really nice doctor who prescribed some antibiotics, and then walked away without paying a pence. (Because it’s NHS – travellers get free emergency treatment. Did I mention they were a really nice and helpful country?)

I ended up taking a day off work to sleep for 24 hours, got better, and spent the rest of the trip working and eating. 

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