New York in August

Along with the all the recent changes in my life, I recently got a new job, and I was sent to New York for a couple of weeks for training. As always, New York is a fun city to visit, and there’s always something new to experience every time I go.

  • New York men will walk up to strange women waiting for the ferry to go get vegan lunches or if they would like to run errands with them in Chinatown. (In case you were wondering, the answer is no.)
  • No matter what the stigma is, there are plenty of nice people in the city. Especially security guards on Wall St. that will make your life easier by remembering your face and not make you do the ID-card-metal-detector-pat-down every time you enter the building.
  • Wicked is amazing. SO AMAZING. I tried to do the rush lottery 2.5 hours before the show started, where they give away front row seats for $27 if they pick your name out of a hat, but I didn’t get it and ended up paying full price to sit in the 9th row. SO WORTH IT.
  • It takes a few rides on the subway to figure out what uptown v. downtown mean exactly. It takes a few days to figure out the subway stops and lines. And it only takes a few hours to get annoyed by slow walkers. We’re on New York time, people!
  • Usually restaurants make most of their money by marking up alcohol. Restaurants in Chinatown make money by marking up their vegetables.  $12 for a plate of bok choy? Seriously? Just meat and rice is like $6. Get your fiber elsewhere.
  • Movies in the park are great in any city. Even better when you can actually sit and enjoy the movie and not get bounced out like last time.
  • Most importantly, having a bestie in the city is always my favorite part.

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