Throwback Hawaii: Shark’s Cove

One of my favorite snorkeling places on the island of Oahu is Shark’s cove. (But trust me, there aren’t any sharks there. Maybe those little reef ones that sleep during the day and only eat fish and stuff. But I’ve never seen one in all my trips out there.)

The cove is inside this little bay area, and the water is pretty deep in the middle, about 15 feet. It’s deep enough for people to scuba, and there are these large rocks that create tunnels that you can swim through if you’re brave enough with snorkeling gear.

And the fish! Just schools and schools of different kinds of fish feeding on the coral and rocks, and on most days, the water is so calm since there aren’t any waves breaking and it’s totally relaxing. I like it a bit better than Hanauma, because there’s a lot more water between you and the rocks/coral, so it doesn’t feel as claustrophobic.

We also put a swing up there. If you ever go, please let me know if it’s still up!

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