Sleep Cycle

I may have discovered the next best thing since sliced bread. It’s called Sleep Cycle, and it’s an alarm clock app that wakes you up at the right cycle of your sleep so you don’t get dragged awake at the wrong time of your REM cycles and you feel all crappy in the morning. There’s a 30 min. window for it, and it uses the phone’s accelerometer to track your movements in bed. I never knew the iPhone was so sensitive, but it did nicely nudge me awake, and I was all refreshed in the morning.
It records the stats throughout the night, and it’s pretty accurate. I was really awake at 7-ish because I’m a light sleeper and loud noises wake me pretty easily.
Went to bed / woke up: 1:04 / 9:10
Total time: 8h 06m
Analysis made by the Sleep Cycle iPhone app.

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