Throwback Hawaii: Hanauma Bay

An awesome place in Hawaii is Hanauma Bay. It’s an amazing preserved place where you can snorkel your heart out. You have to pay for parking and admissions, but if you don’t feel comfortable about snorkeling in the wild, this is definitely the place for you.

It’s a great place for beginners, although I kind of freaked out a bit when I went there the first time. The welcome video that everyone is required to watch before they enter the premises strictly states that you’re not allowed to touch the reef. The surface of the water is pretty close to the reef, and the reef is so expansive, so I got scared about skimming the reefs while swimming around and having my tummy exposed to the holes in the reefs because there might be eels or reef sharks or something, you know.

But the sights are amazing, and there are tons of fish and maybe even a turtle or two if you’re lucky.

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