I may have bought about $200 worth of jerseys last night. It could be because I really shouldn’t wield credit cards while surfing the internet late at night. Or it could be because I have been caught in this Jeremy Lin craze. But as an Asian-American, it’s kind of hard not to with the LINsation that’s sweeping this nation and Taiwan’s.

Jeremy Lin is just living his life as an Asian growing up in America, just like the rest of us. Despite whatever obstacles being Asian has had for him, especially being in the basketball world, he hasn’t let discourage him and now look where he is. He’s succeeding at something that he loves to do, and both Asians and Americans and most definitely Asian-Americans have absolutely fell in love with him, because he is excellent at what he does. At the end of the day, it’s really just about what he can bring to the table, and not really about what he looks like. He just happens to have a bigger fan base because of his background. That’s the inspiration for me. That and it’s nice to see my parents being interested in something so inherently American.

And it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a last name that can be worked into about 80% of the English words.

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