Looking Forward To…

  • Watching movies/tv without Chinese subtitles (It’s really hard not to read them. So distracting.)
  • Having access to a kitchen (especially an OVEN!)
  • Central air-conditioning EVERYWHERE
  • No humidity
  • Getting to drive again! ROAD TRIPS
  • Taco Bell, Fat Mo’s, Papa John’s, Mexican food, real HOT DOGS
  • Buying a variety of soda that’s not triple the price
  • Getting a cell phone I can actually understand and that does more than texting and making calls
  • Having a backyard
  • Living in the suburbs where I can go running without worrying about getting run over by cars
  • More green stuff = cleaner air
  • Buying things online again and not having to pay for international shipping ($2 cheaper for Kindle books!)
  • Getting my southern drawl back
  • Desserts with real SUGAR
  • Being tanned without feeling ashamed
  • Listening to country songs (kind of a closet fan)
  • Libraries with more selection of books
  • Seeing my friends again!

3 thoughts on “Looking Forward To…

  1. No Humidity…HAH. Ps. its been over 100 for 3 days now, we’re all dying here.

    When exactly do you get back…8th? 7th?

  2. Well you can ROAD TRIP up here on August 27th to SEE YOUR FRIEND and LISTEN TO COUNTRY MUSIC when Lady Antebellum plays a free concert in Central Park. See that! That’s three things on your list!

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