The Sea-Urchin-Over-Rice Place

There’s a restaurant hidden away in the Neihu Technological Park. It started out as a wholesale seafood company selling their goodies at a pop-up place next door complete with picnic tables and patio furniture. Now, they’ve remodeled, and it’s a full-fledged amazing seafood/sashimi restaurant with lines out the door and reservations that need to be booked a month ahead.

Anyways, let’s get to the good stuff.

(Psst.. this plate is only $400NT ($12.50USD).)

This the sea-urchin-over-rice of which we so fondly refer. Look at all that roe!

However, if you don’t do the raw stuff, there are other things you can get.

This is some really tender pork.

You wouldn’t think the chin of a fish would be appetizing, but try this salmon’s and you might be happily surprised.

After all the ordering, this was our table:

Jiu Zong Rd. Sect. 2 Lane 121 No. 34
P.S. The menu is in Chinese. Bring someone who can read Chinese.

2 thoughts on “The Sea-Urchin-Over-Rice Place

  1. Oh, that looks really delicious. I’d so much have wanted to eat that, but I’m just a bit too far from Neihu right now for it to be right. I’ll have to venture out and satisfy with some of that boring deep-fried anything they sell here.

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