Thai Massage and A Wedding

I enjoy busy weekends. Although it does mean that they end faster, and Monday will be here tomorrow.

Anyways, I got a Thai massage and went to a wedding on Saturday.

I highly do not recommend getting Thai massages if you’re looking for a relaxing, spa-like massage where you can drift off to sleep as they oil and massage your body with their soft kneading hands as Enya plays in the background and the scent of lavender in the air. Unfortunately, that was what I was looking for so I chose the Thai oil massage over the traditional Thai massage. You know how in the commercials for tourists to Thailand, you see people getting relaxing massages with satisfied smiles on their faces in those cute little wooden huts by the beach? Yeah, it’s not like that at all.

HOWEVER, if you’re looking for a massage where the masseuses use their elbows and knees to pummel you to death, and then pull your arms and legs in every direction while holding you down and standing on your back, or pull you airborne over their knees reminiscent to a WWF move, then by all means, I do highly recommend a Thai massage. There was oil involved but only to help the masseuse locate all the supposed knots in my muscles and literally squash them to death with her hammer of a thumb. There were also many groans and yelps of pain involved. At many moments throughout the two hours, I thought she had mistaken my bones for  knots and was trying to massage my bones away , but no, she said that I had many many knots all over my body. Today, I am very sore. It hurts to move.

Long story short: Don’t think I’ll be getting another one of those any time soon.

After the fun two hours, Michael and I went to a wedding of a friend’s sister. It was a traditional Chinese wedding with the typical 10 dishes and lots of red wine. (Fun Fact:) Here in Taiwan, when one gets married, there are no registries, and the guests don’t buy presents. They just show up to the reception with red envelopes containing money. The amount of money is given in increments of even numbers and no 4’s (cause 4 sounds like death in Chinese so it’s a bad number). For example, you could give $800NT, 1200NT, 1600NT, etc. The amount also depends on the venue (a nicer venue would probably require a higher amount) and how close you are to the bride and/or groom.

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