B is for Boy

My junior high boys have been so good lately, which has been pleasantly surprising. *knock on wood* Then again, it’s probably because I sent my bad kids away to the other classes. See, there’s a system of classes which are broken down into A, B1, B2, and C class. The A kids have the best English ability (we’re talking second grade level English here), the B kids are about the same (first grade/second grade) but B1 moves at a faster pace, and C kids have the lowest-to-no level. I teach B2, and after last semester, my worst kids (based on test scores) were sent to C class, and my best kids were sent to B1 or A class (which was really sad because my best kids were also most of my favorite kids). In return, I received the lowest-test-scores kids from B1 and A class.  After the first test of this semester, there was a bit more shuffling around, and a couple more of my lowest-test-score kids went to C class and one especially naughty one went to B1. (He’s a real jerk. He picks on me. I’m his teacher, and he picks on me like throw stupid paper balls at me or says things in Chinese. Ugh. If only I were bigger and stronger and a male.)

Why is it a child’s test score negatively correlates with his naughtiness level? Is it because they are naughty so they don’t pay attention in class and therefore gets bad grades? Or is it because they don’t understand what’s going on and will get bad grades anyway so they get bored and are naughty? There are rarely some students who are naughty and can still make good grades. I have discovered that the highest-scoring kids are the ones that participate in class and are engaged with my teaching. They can be funny and give goofy answers, but for the most part, they actually take the class seriously and can answer most my questions.

Fun Fact

The pros to being a young attractive female teacher: You can pretty much get away with anything with these junior high boys. Give them a ton of work, yell at them, be tough on them, but then they’ll always forgive you again and shower you with compliments the next day. For the most part, they’re also really nice to you and will offer to clean your board and carry your books.

The cons: Getting compliments or inappropriate comments. I get “sexy” a lot as in,”Teacher, you are so sexy today”. I’d like to think it’s because they don’t know what it really means and equate it with “beautiful” or “pretty”. Then again, maybe they do cause they’re 13-year-old boys, and I’m just being naive. Regardless, it still makes me uncomfortable. That and having “So-and-So love (or even f***) Tina” written on about half of the desks in my classroom. Flattering, but no thanks.

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