Digital Perm

I got a digital perm last weekend because I got tired of my straight straight hair which I’ve worn for years. Usually when I get tired of my hair, I usually just cut it short, but this time I decided to do something really different.

I kind of made an impulse decision to get a perm or something that would give my flat and straight hair some volume and body. So after a couple of hours of research online, I decided that I would get a digital perm. (This blog post pretty much helped me make up my mind.) Basically, a digital perm, which started in Japan, is a hot perm applied to the ends of the hair so you get big curls and/or loose waves. A cold perm is close to the head and produces small tight curls.

This is what my hair looked like before my appointment.

When I got to the salon, they applied creams and such to my hair to protect it, then they hooked me up to this contraption where the heat is kept at a certain temperature based on what kind of hair you have, i.e. thin, coarse, thick, fine, etc.

The whole process took five hours (partly because the salon was really busy that day), and it cost $4500NT ($140USD), but I got a 50% discount cause I had a coupon. After the stylist dried and styled it, it looked like this.

Now, I can just wash it, put some curl-enhancing product in it while it’s damp, and then let it air-dry. The waves appear when it dries. Then if I want it a bit more curlier, I can take a curling iron to the locks in front for a few seconds, and voilá!

9 thoughts on “Digital Perm

  1. Hi! i am an american visiting taipei right now for family. i got a digital perm in japan a few years ago and loved it. can you tell me where in taipei you got yours? i need to find a salon TOMORROW! i am staying next to taipei 101… let me know! thanks! i will be here for 1.5 weeks, let me know if you want to meet up too 🙂

  2. im from canada, going to be in taiwan for the next month, i’ve been looking for a decent place to digi perm my hair as well, where did you go do yours?

    • At A-Salon in Neihu, but it’s also a chain all over Taipei city. I think most of the salons here know how do to a digital perm so just try going to a nicer one to guarantee happy hair.

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