Fun Fact: The movie theaters here serve sweet and salty popcorn. They usually just give you the sweet popcorn by default when you ask for popcorn because that’s what the Taiwanese prefer.

In the beginning, I refused to get the sweet because I thought it was the sweet kettle corn which I’m not a fan of. Then, one time, they accidentally threw in a few sweet kernels, and I suddenly discovered a little piece of caramelized heaven.

Since then, I’ve been getting popcorn half and half because what’s watching a movie without salty and buttery popcorn which goes great with an ice cold fountain coke, right? (Although the popcorn here really isn’t that buttery. It’s an Asian thing, along with less cheese and less sauce on pizzas.) Salty on top, then when you get to the sweet on the bottom, it’s like dessert!

Now, I’ve been getting (probably hormonal-related) cravings for caramel popcorn and have been looking all over Taipei for some since I don’t think you can just buy concessions at the movies without tickets. First was the caramel popcorn imported from the States that I found at City Super, but that tasted funny. Then, the boyfriend suggested Herson’s Popcorn located in the food court of Shinkong Mitsukoshi (shopping malls) by Taipei 101. Now, that counter is seriously popcorn heaven. They have flavors from blueberry to bacon to cotton candy. We got a decent size bucket of caramel, green apple, and Oreo cookie for only $140NT ($4.38USD). Yum!

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