Fun Fact: You don’t ever have to tip here in Taiwan. Sometimes there’s a 10% service charge added to restaurant bills, but that’s only when you go to a nice, sit-down place to eat. The rest of the time, there’s no tipping necessary for anything: taxis, salon services, eating out, etc. I think hotel services and valet tipping is pretty much expected, but that’s about it. I mean, after a year and a half of living here, I still feel a bit awkward about not tipping. Sometimes I’ll tell the taxi driver or pizza delivery boy to keep the change just because I don’t want to deal with it, but the amount of it is usually so little that I feel more embarrassed than not tipping at all.

Ironically, even though there’s no culture of tipping here, the service here is still very excellent. I would say in about 90% of the places that I’ve ever been here in Taiwan from hair salons to fast food restaurants that required service of some sort, all the employees have always been very thorough and polite.

3 thoughts on “Tipping

  1. you know what my theory about this is?? okay, in china (and Taiwan… and any Asian country, basically), there are a shit load of people. i mean, SO MANY people. ridiculous amounts of people all trying to compete for jobs so that they can live a good life. this includes “shitty” jobs like serving other people. but in fact, these are not really shitty jobs because you get paid, and you’re not like, cleaning the toilet, and you’re not like, in the freakin’ country sweating over your rice patty. so these “shitty” jobs are much more competitive and so, the people who do them want to keep their jobs and they therefore do a better job!

    in america, however, these are seirously shitty jobs and turn-over is really high because nobody really wants to do these jobs forever. they’re always gunning for something better because this is as low as it gets. so they whine and don’t do their work and are rude because they don’t want to be there.

    that’s my theory anyway 🙂

  2. I agree 200 percent with your theory, plus they even make up ridiculous jobs…like street sweepers and things, just so more people can have jobs.

    in other news, it really sucked to come back to the US and have to tip all the time. I’d always almost forget, and it adds up to so much.

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