Lost and Found

So remember my NYE’s story where I lost my purse and everything in it at the club?

Well, I got it all back today: cell phones, ID, lipstick, keys, etc. Apparently, the bag was found at the Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 Gate on Jan. 4th. Although, the airport lost-and-found just sent a notification letting me know that they have it. Here’s a map to give you an idea of how far my bag traveled in one piece.

The cash was all gone, of course. The person spent it at 7-11 and left me the point stickers to collect. How nice of him/her. I guess I’m thankful that everything was all still inside the bag, but I just don’t understand why. Why did this person carry my bag around all weekend intact?  And then, instead of tossing it in the closest trash can, he/she decide to leave the country and leave it at the airport to be found. Maybe guilty conscience? Who knows? Or maybe they read my threatening curse of karma coming round again and decided to repent.

Ah, anyway. I’m glad I got my stuff back.

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Put pictures of babies or cute pets in it… it supposedly increases the chance of it being returned.

    Maybe they decided to wear it around for a few weeks and couldn’t bear to part with it and left you the points instead. ???

  2. WHAT??? wow. that is amazing.. you must really have awesome karma to get everything back. and it’s great that the airport contacted you rather than letting it sit in some lost and found forever

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