Hot Dogs

I have been looking for authentic American hot dogs to satisfy my cravings, and yet the best ones have been at Costco’s. Sadly, you can’t even get in without a membership or waiting in a line that goes around the block especially on the weekends.

Hungry Girl in Taipei and I did go check out a place called Hook in Zhongxiao Dunhua, but their hot dogs were the really thin, mediocre-tasting, non-American kind, and the wait for the food was really long even when we were the only two customers there.

However, I have discovered that Evans Burger does serve some good ole American hot dogs. They come with really tasty fries, relish, lettuce (???), and salsa. The bun’s kinda weird, but the hot dog is good. Evans also has some pretty good burgers. The one pictured is their Chili Beef Burger.

Ok, now I’m hungry.

4 thoughts on “Hot Dogs

  1. You should check out a place called ‘Pickles’ that’s buried somewhere in 西大夜市. That’s where I went to satiate my burger craving.

    Protip: Don’t order the double cheeseburger. Instead of being a two-paddy delight, it’s one paddy with two pieces of cheese.

  2. haha! you got the review up sooner than i did. did you get sick afterwards? i was totally sick a few hours afterwards and the whole night/next day. i don’t want to say it was from lunch, but….

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