Not-So-Happy New Year

My New Year’s Eve celebrations started off reasonably well. We headed to a club, which was going to be a good time because it’s been ages since I’ve been clubbing. We got there before midnight, mingled a bit, then went back outside to see the Taipei 101 fireworks. After the really short display, we went back to the club to dance the night away before we headed home in a merry and drunken stupor to peacefully sleep the first night of the New Year away.

Or so I wished that had really happened.

Instead, around 3am as we were leaving, I discovered that my wristlet had broke and the bag part containing all of my important stuff: keys, cash, phones, ID, debit card had disappeared, while the ring part had remained on my wrist. But the thing is I knew I had lost it in the previous 20 minutes because I was very aware of when I had seen it last. I backtracked quickly, but it was nowhere to be seen! So instead of heading home, we spent the next couple of hours searching among the throngs of drunk people and harassed every worker at the club from bodyguards to servers if anyone turned in my bag. But alas, it was not to be found. I left my information and headed home emptier and a lot more dejected about the new year.

This morning, I woke up and canceled everything. The suspicious thing is we called my phones a few times, and then suddenly they were turned off.. as if someone had turn them off (I’m pretty sure the battery life was pretty good.). I also went to the police station and filed a report and hopefully, in this land of con artists and phone scammers, nobody will try to use my identity.

To the person who took my bag: I hate you. You made me cry on New Year’s. I hope karma comes around and bites you hard in the butt. (Maybe you can be redeemed a bit if you turn in my stuff right now). But I really really hope you have a crappy new year and many more to come.

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