I’m No Look

Also better known as “I can’t see.”

My seventh grade boys drive me up the wall. They are immature, perverted, misbehaving little hooligans who really don’t care how bad their English is. Well, that’s my second class (minus a few). My first class are naughty as well but they seem to genuinely want to learn, and they can be so sweet and funny and hardworking. Anyways, I had one of them (from the 2nd class) scream the f-bomb at me today. He’s one of those kids that gets easily picked on because he likes to tattle on his classmates. He doesn’t have many friends, and so every class, he always ends up crying about this or that. I try to be nice to him, and he does participate often, but he really just isn’t that likable.

Today, some of the other students took his dropped comb and were throwing it around, which I then confiscated and told him that he could get it back after class. He stood there, protesting, and then continued to look at me and would not sit down. After the sixth time of telling him to sit down, his eyes started turning red and welling up, and the male Chinese teacher stepped in to see what was going on. We stood there glaring at each other for a bit before the kid screams out, “F***!” The male chinese teacher immediately manhandles him and hauls him out the door.

We only have 50 minutes to teach our classes, and with our schedule, there really is no time to take to control the classroom. They need to show up and be ready to learn with bright, eager faces… at 7pm at night after 12 hours of being awake and learning already. Yeah. Right. So their male homeroom teachers patrol the halls and classrooms so we don’t have to waste any time for discipline. They just get kicked out to get screamed at or have to do push-ups.

Man, I swear I’m teaching in the ghetto of Taipei County or something.

4 thoughts on “I’m No Look

  1. Oh wow… this is really a bit shocking for me.. I mean, I haven’t thought about how to handle such situations. It’s good that someone else took care about that. But I wonder how it’ll go on with this kid, he seems to have some personal issues.
    I’m trying to find a job like you, but I’m actually specialized in German, but looking for both, German and English teaching jobs. I’d feel more comfortable to teach adults, those who are eager to learn and not forced. Hope it all goes well. The interview you made last time gave me hope. Thank you.

    And I love your blog, reading it for a while now.

    • Thanks! I’m glad I could help. Please feel free to ask any questions about teaching here in Taiwan. I’ll do my best to answer them.

  2. Aw, its ok. Good thing you have the chinese teacher. I didn’t. And I had three hours of that on Friday. Damn, pre-teens. I like to pit them against each other, so that some of the kids want something and will harass the other half into being good as well. It works….sometimes.

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