Yummy In My Tummy

There are two food places that I’ve discovered recently that are pretty unique, so I just had to share.

小乾杯 KanPai Yakiniku BBQ
Zhongxiao East Rd. Sect. 4 No. 201 2F (located in the same building as Luxy & Starbucks)

This is a yummy BBQ place where you order plates of meat to feast on. You can order the set dishes where they just arrange their most popular meats and dishes all together for you to try, or you can order whatever meats/dishes you want.

There are two pretty fun events that we got to experience in the past two times that we’ve dined there. One is where couples, friends, lovers, etc. can kiss for ten seconds and get a free plate of beef. The servers will announce to the whole restaurant what’s about to happen, count down for you, and take a picture of the kissing and immediately print out two copies: one for you to keep, and one for you to sign to put on their wall. The walls are indeed covered with kissing couples like these two. Their kiss seemed more enthusiastic so they gave a tastier free plate of beef than the one we got the last time we tried it.

Another thing is at 8:00pm, they go around the restaurant asking tables if there’s anything in particular they would like to celebrate (ours was Kevin & Zhou being with us, of course). Other people were celebrating birthdays, two guys getting married, another guy had lost his flower the night before after too much drinking, etc. It can get pretty outrageous, and I’m not sure how believable some of them were. Anyways, the whole point of this 8pm event is that you’re supposed to down the drink that you have, and they’ll give you another one for free, even if it’s alcohol. We started our dinner with water, but we got a couple of cokes right before 8pm because we’re sneaky like that.

After that, the perfect dessert at a recently opened gelato place is just right around the corner.

Cosi Cosi Gelato (it’s next to the Cosi Cosi Italian restaurant)
DunHua S. Rd, Sect. 1 No. 155

They have a great selection of gelato and sorbet flavors, and it tastes very freshly made and not artificial at all. It’s not too sweet, and the sorbet really tastes like the real fruit! My favorite one so far is the chocolate chip.

(This post is brought to you by Think Bingo.)

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