Reading is FUN

My wonderful boyfriend got me an Amazon Kindle for my birthday, and it’s the most amazing thing ever. He even got me the beautiful leather cover to go with it.

The Kindle is amazing. I can read anytime, anywhere, without having to haul heavy books around or pay ridiculous sums to obtain them abroad. I also don’t have wait months for the new releases here. The screen is just like paper, so there’s no glare to tire the eyes like computer screens. I can highlight and make notes, I can look up words I don’t know while I read, and I can even buy more books wirelessly. This thing is going to be the death of me, well actually, more so my bank account.

The books are definitely cheaper too. The new releases, like the NYT Bestsellers, will run about $9.99USD ($11.99 abroad) and that’s about the highest most of the books will go. I just bought all of the Sherlock Holmes stories and books (we’re talking hundreds of stories here) for $2.99! The purchase was partly because the movie is coming out, and partly because I’ve already read them all, and they’re just a great collection to have on hand.

I won’t lie. The electronic stuff doesn’t compare to the actual tactile feel of a book. The weight and the smell of the paper makes it easier to get the lost in the world of adventure and imagination. Being able to physically turn the pages in eagerness to find out what happens next or dreadfully slow to delay the inevitable is an experience that is unrivaled. Books are delicious and fulfilling for the soul and should live on forever. However, for me, constantly on the move, living away from the sources of literary delights, this is definitely the best way to have an entire library at my leisure.

5 thoughts on “Reading is FUN

  1. I just won a Sony Reader and I don’t know how I feel about it. I love physical books too much that I will never use this as my main reading source. I haven’t really figured out what to do with it yet.

  2. Wow your review sounds pretty good. I was looking at the readers recently b/c my sister is interested in buying one. I have the Kindle app on my iPod Touch and I love it. Definitely convenient for on-the-go lifestyle. Though you ladies have handbags for all this stuff. For me it has to fit in my jacket pocket.

  3. Noooo boo kindle. Ok I agree with the “you’re in taiwan and english books are really expensive” but otherwise, I bought a book the other day printed in 1895 for 10$. Will I be able to use that kindle 100 years from now? No. Probably not 5 years from now. But that book, is still beautiful and still readable.

    Plus kindle has some weird copywrite protections, where they can erase your books from you.

    • Jen, didn’t you see that I still LOVE BOOKS? It’s a good substitute for now, but when I have a house, then I can go back to buying good old-fashioned books to fill up the walls.

  4. awesome!! i hear the 2nd gen kindle is much better than the 1st gen. i actually downloaded the kindle for iphone and used it for awhile to download samples of books. i think it’s great for traveling and especially since not all english books are available in taiwan. but some books, like cookbooks, definitely are better as hardcopies! 🙂

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