A Daily Dose of MJ

Yesterday, in my first grade class, we were learning about different kinds of soil. One of the workbook questions asked the students to draw something that they would see in soil. Typical answers would have been ants, worms, rocks, dead plant or animal matter, etc. Sky drew a stick figure in his soil, and when I asked, he said that they were bones. I told him that it probably would not have been a good idea to draw bones, and let’s just stick to rocks and worms. But alas, he ignored me and continued on with his drawing, when out of nowhere, he happily exclaimed, “Teacher, it’s Michael Jackson!”

So I’ve been really busy with studying for the GMAT (which is no fun), looking forward to Thanksgiving and my birthday, and also planning for Kevin and Zhou to be here in Taipei next week.

3 thoughts on “A Daily Dose of MJ

  1. Is it sad that while sitting in my office everyday, I’m living vicariously through your friends’ around the world trip? I’ve never even met them and I read their blog.

  2. hi tina!

    hope you’ll vote on the best of taipei poll on my blog when you have time! i’m totally doing a last minute thanksgiving! hope you have a great one!

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